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Return to SENDA? Implementing accessibility for disabled students in virtual learning environments in UK further and higher education

Sara Dunn
October 2003

Executive Summary

1. Aims and objectives

2. Methodology
2.1 Literature and web review
2.2 Survey
2.3 Interviews
2.4 Analysis
2.5 Some methodological issues in e-learning research

3. Definitions and scope
3.1 Further education and higher education
3.2 Virtual learning environments
3.3 Accessibility
3.4 The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (SENDA)

4. Disability and UK further and higher education
4.1 Disabled students: facts and figures
4.2 The legislative background
4.3 Educational policy and regulatory frameworks

5. E-learning in UK further and higher education
5.1 The e-learning revolution
5.2 The advance of the VLEs

6. The challenges facing VLEs
6.1 Getting e-learning to work
6.2 E-learning standards

7. Implementing accessibility in VLEs: research results and discussion
7.1 Overview of respondent's VLEs
7.2 Importance of accessibility
7.3 Accessibility testing
7.4 Accessibility of the VLE
7.5 Accessibility of VLE content
7.6 Content creation process
7.7 Origins and priority of accessibility problems
7.8 Suggested solution

8. Conclusions
8.1 Sector-wide issues
8.2 Staff development and training
8.3 Standards, specifications and guidelines
8.4 Institutional issues
8.5 User-centred design
8.6 Pedagogically focused e-learning

9. Recommendations
9.1 VLE developers
9.2 Technical bodies
9.3 National educational bodies
9.4 Individual FE and HE institutions
9.5 Teaching staff
9.6 ILT/ICT staff
9.7 Students

10. References and bibliography

11. Glossary of terms and acronyms

A1. Full survey text
A2. VLEs in use in the UK
A3. W3C WAI web content accessibility guidelines
A4. Section 508/WAI WCAG differences
A5. Disability statistics in UK further and higher education
A6. Links to accessibility guidelines for VLE authors


All pages and content copyright © Sara Dunn 2003, unless otherwise stated.